Valued Camera Experience

Valued Camera Experience (VCX) is an objective and unbiased image quality analysis of smartphone and other mobile device cameras. VCX-Forum brings together world leading imaging companies with best imaging experts.

NomiCam is a VCX Trusted Lab

NomiCam has been a member of the VCX-Forum since September 2017. We are actively working with other experts to improve the camera user experience. In July 2018 NomiCam was granted a highest status of the VCX laboratory: Trusted Lab! As a Trusted Lab we are certified to do official VCX measurements. NomiCam is also certified to audit other labs according to VCX standard.

vcx - valued camera experience certificate
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We help you evaluate your camera performance

If you would like to know how your camera is performing, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will measure the device and provide you the official VCX score. Or if you are planning to build a VCX laboratory, we will make sure your lab meets the VCX standard and gives correct VCX scores.

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