Optical Measurements

Goniospectroradiometric measurements

NomiCam uses six axis robots and CAS140CT-151 spectrometer with EOP-146 detector for Goniospectroradiometric measurements.

Test description:

  • Robot rotates the luminaire being tested around two axes.
  • Spectrometer detector is mounted on a tripod which moves on a rail enabling distance control from the luminaire.
  • Intensity and spectrum of incident light is measured in far field at several hundred points around the luminaire.
  • Luminous intensity distributions and total luminous flux are calculated from the measured data.
  • Optical measurements can be carried out at different temperatures.
  • Conventional far field data such as EULUMDAT and IES files are generated.

Lens MTF measurements

Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) describes the resolution and performance of an optical system. It is the ratio of relative contrast between object and its image.

NomiCam has an optical test system capable of accurately measuring the MTF of wide variety of lens systems.

Reflective and transmission measurements of materials

NomiCam laboratory is equipped with instruments for measuring spectral transmittance and reflectance of different materials, and spectral power distribution of illuminants. Spectral range of optical measurements covers wavelengths from 350 nm to 1100 nm.