Camera Laboratory Design and Validation

NomiCam team has long experience in designing imaging laboratories for various sites around the world. We can design imaging lab that meets your expectations. The work starts by specifying what laboratory equipment are required and continues with the 3D-layout of the laboratory space. During or after the delivery, on-site training on how to use the laboratory and test equipment is given. The final step is to validate the lab according to VCX or some other standard.

Camera sub-system design reviews

NomiCam team has long experience in camera sub-system design and integration into end products.

Camera sub-system is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and optical parts, all interacting and affecting each other and the rest of the system. During R&D, it is not always easy to see if a design decision has some unwanted effect to another part of the system. For example, a small mechanical optimization of an optic part may decrease the final image quality dramatically.

We know the typical problems, common mistakes and possible pitfalls, and can help to avoid many of them by offering a design review service.


NomiCam arranges trainings covering following topics:

  • Product level Image Quality Testing for
    • Still image
    • Video
    • Auto Focus
    • OIS
    • Exposure
    • Latency
    • Flash
    • Field Testing
  • Camera module characterization
    • Image Quality
    • Auto Focus
    • EMC
    • HW
  • Camera ISP tuning
    • Qualcomm ISP
    • NomiCam reference ISP
  • Goniometric measurements
  • MIP software usage
  • VCX

Classroom or hands-on training in camera laboratory can be arranged. Please contact us to get tailored training course for your needs.