Camera module HW testing

NomiCam can perform the following camera module HW tests:

  • Audible noise tests
  • Camera Serial Interface (CSI) high-speed communications tests
  • Camera Control Interface (CCI) communications tests
  • MIPI D-PHY 1.2 (<2.5 Gbps) and I2C (<1Mbps) compliance tests
  • Supply voltage and power consumption tests
  • Level and timing verification of control signals (clock, reset)

All tests can be carried out at temperatures ranging from -80°C to +200°C.

Audible noise tests

Electromechanical actuators are common in High-End camera modules, but emit vibrations during operation, which can be heard as audible noise. NomiCam Hybrid Contact measurement method was developed for measuring this noise. The camera and audio measurement instruments, are all controlled by the MIP software.

CSI and CCI communications tests

Communications tests are carried out with GPLAB-2500 camera tester. Under the control of MIP software, camera settings are configured over the CCI, camera is set to a streaming mode and image frames coming over CSI are captured and verified.

MIPI D-PHY and I2C compliance tests

MIPI Reference Termination Board and DSA90804A Digital Signal Analyzer having the MIPI test option installed, are used to verify the camera module’s compliance to MIPI D-PHY specification.
Telos Tracii XL 2.0 and I2C Negative Tester are used to verify the module’s I2C-compliance.

Power and control interface tests

Power consumption, operational voltage range and control signal characteristics can be verified against e.g. module datasheet or other criteria.