Camera module EMC testing

Camera EMC performance can be tested already in module level and possible problems discovered in early phase of product development. Late problem discovery leads to costly redesign rounds of the camera module or the product, may delay product launch, or even cause the product to be cancelled altogether. With module level testing risks and costs can be reduced.

NomiCam has developed test environments and methods for camera module:

  • Radiated emission tests
  • Conducted emission tests
  • Radiated immunity tests
  • Conducted immunity tests
  • ESD tests

Emission Tests

Emissions tests verify how well the emissions comply with the specified limits and enable easy integration into product. Too high radiated emissions in product receiver bands can cause communication failures when camera is operating. Too high conducted emission can cause performance degradations to the other modules like displays used in a product.

Immunity Tests

Immunity tests verify how well the camera tolerates interference conducted through power supply lines or radiated over the air to camera module. Poor immunity can cause degradation of image quality or in the worst case disturbs the camera operation.

ESD Tests

ESD tests verify how well the camera module tolerates electro-static discharge. Air and contact tests can be carried out. Poor ESD immunity can stop camera streaming or in worst case cause permanent damage to the module, e.g. data corruption in non-volatile memory.