Team Introduction and Expertise

NomiCam team consists of six professionals with more than 50 years of experience between them in camera and flash verification and image quality. The team was involved in evolution of mobile cameras bringing many industry first mobile imaging innovations to the market. NomiCam has already used this imaging expertise in new imaging areas like VR/AR, drones, surveillance cameras, machine vision camera and conferencing cameras.

Pentti Väänänen, CEO

Pentti has 30 years of experience in project and imaging team management. Pentti has strong international experience of leading multicultural teams in Finland, UK and South Korea.

Jukka Sillanpää, CTO

Jukka’s career in imaging started in 2012, when he joined Nokia’s imaging team and started working in optical image stabilizer verification. During his career he has been involved in many verification activities, including training of multiple camera module suppliers to do image quality testing according to specifications.

Risto Eerola, Lead Hardware Engineer

Risto has over 25 years of experience in the field of electronics. He worked in Imaging and Video Accelerators team, creating reference designs of imaging subsystems for mobile phone projects. The last five years at Nokia and Microsoft he worked as the Baseband Chief Engineer of three Lumia product programs. At NomiCam Risto is responsible of hardware, mechanics and system design.

Aleksi Knuutila, Principal Software Architect

Aleksi started his career in imaging field in 2007 at Nokia Research Center (NRC) Tampere. His duties included building demos running on PCs and mobile devices based on algorithms developed at NRC. In 2008 he moved to developing software toolset used by imaging teams. At NomiCam, Aleksi is responsible of software development.

Petteri Valve, Principal Image Quality Specialist

Petteri has over 10 years of experience in Image Quality characterization, tuning, and testing at Nokia and Microsoft. Petteri was responsible of image quality tuning of Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

Tomi Rantala, Senior Imaging Engineer

Tomi joined Nokia’s imaging team in 2012 and worked on the development and testing of the adaptive LED camera flash for Lumia 950 and 950 XL. He also worked in Microsoft’s baseband team, doing electrical measurements and troubleshooting phone prototypes.

Minna Kotamäki, Imaging Engineer

Minna has 14 years experience in mobile phones physical failure analysis and reliability testing at Nokia and Microsoft.

Allan Palmu, Software Engineer

Allan has a keen interest in computer vision and imaging algorithms and the programming skills to back it up, along with an eye for UI design. He started at Microsoft Mobile in the summer of 2016, working under a team based in USA and building a lens actuator testing application. At NomiCam, Allan builds software to support testing hardware and improves the existing software solutions.

Jyrki Kosonen, Senior Design Engineer mechanics

Jyrki has over 25 years of experience in the field of mechanics. He worked in Imaging mechanics development, testing and CAD & CAM team for 15 years at Nokia and Microsoft.