Optical Lab

Spectral color characterization and optical measurements happens in NomiCam Optical Lab. All lab equipment are made by the world best optical test equipment manufacturers like Trioptics and Labsphere.

Optical Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Color characterization setup
    • Labsphere Monochromator (350nm-1100nm)
  • Lens MTF measurement setup
    • Trioptics autocollimator 22880
  • Image stabilizer measurement setup
    • Kohzu TSS-1000
    • Controllable LED illumination
    • Sharpness and noise chart
  • Controllable light source setup for generating different spectrums
    • Gooch & Housego OL-490
    • Image Engineering CAL2
  • Laser setup for measuring AF actuator step positions
    • Keyence LK-G5001P
  • Spectrometers
    • Instrument system CAS 140 CT-156
    • Instrument system CAS 140 B-152
    • Ocean Optics Flame