HDR Testing Lab

High dynamic range (HDR) imaging has become very important especially in automotive camera systems. For example, when a car drives through a tunnel, the camera needs to see details at the same time inside and outside the tunnel.

NomiCam HDR setup is capable of testing up to 21 f-stop dynamic range. Setup consists of three boxes with following specifications:

  • Illumination range from 1000 Lux to 200 000 Lux with 1000 Lux steps
  • Illumination range from 0 Lux to 1000 Lux with 5 Lux step

In addition, each box is equipped with color checker and rotating wheel up to 120 rpm. These are used for evaluating the color reproduction and motion artifacts.

In a typical test case Box 1 is set to maximum illumination and Box 3 to minimum illumination. Illumination of the Box 2 is changed from minimum to maximum with 1 000 Lux steps. This way the HDR performance around mid-tone areas can be tested as well.