NomiCam Optical Laboratory: camera verification and image quality improvement for camera developers

NomiCam is a Finnish imaging company and optical laboratory founded in September 2016. NomiCam team has over 50 years of experience between them in camera and flash verification, Image Quality, and system design in Nokia and Microsoft. NomiCam is equipped with state of the art imaging laboratory and powered by the worlds most advanced camera system development and prototyping environment: Mobile Imaging Playground software.

We can help customers working in mobile, VR/AR, drone, automotive, medical, machine vision, surveillance and spectral imaging to get best Image Quality out of their imaging solutions.

MIP Software

Our Mobile Imaging Playground (MIP Software) is the world’s most advanced camera system development and prototyping environment. The software was initially developed by Nokia and Microsoft camera engineers during years 2006-2016 but we’ve continued to develop the software with great enthusiasm.

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